Hypno-Coaching is a combination of Hypno-therapeutic techniques combined with more traditional coaching to help you develop and maintain focus in nearly any area of endeavour. Your interest may be to be more relaxed and confident while public speaking and conducting presentations.

Perhaps you would like to improve your focus whilst playing sports? Maybe you need assistance to concentrate on study or other tasks? By analysing your specific requirements and developing a personalised strategy to deal with your area of interest, Hypno-Coaching can become a powerful tool in your kit.

I have worked with many business people and students to assist their presence and confidence.

Sports motivation includes playing better golf, football, tennis, basketball, swimming and many other areas. You too can learn how to develop and refine your best life skills in a non-judgmental environment by clarifying your goals and challenges.


Over many years of clinical practice, I have developed a number of simple and enjoyable techniques which can help you to really make a difference in your life. Sessions can be face to face or via Zoom, FaceTime, phone etc.
So for specific details and appointments please Contact me via Email  and be sure to leave your phone number and the best times to call you.